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Product characteristics
®PEKASOL L is used as anti-freeze and anti-corrosion
medium in food processing and technical applications,
e.g. heating and cooling systems, heat pumps, sprinkler
systems and food cooling.
The inhibitor system protects all usually used metal
materials against corrosion and scaling.
Even the use of galvanized components is possible.
Although the zinc coating is dissolved over a long
period of time, this does not affect the properties of
the medium since newly developed additives prevent a
flocculating and fouling and keeps the zinc in solution.
Application notes
®PEKASOL L may be mixed with water in any ratio.
The concentration should not be lower than 20%
by vol., otherwise the corrosion protection cannot
be warrant. ®PEKASOL L must only be diluted with
water of a hardness up to 20°dH. Ideally DM water
(demineralized) should be used. Please refer to our
website for a detailed report
on the topic „Quality characteristics of waters and heat
transfer fluid”.
We recommend the following concentrations for the
below described applications:
Air conditioner and
Heating and cooling systems 35 – 45 % by vol.
Pure frost protection 35 – 45 % by vol.
Heat pumps
and geothermal probes 30 – 40 % by vol.
®PEKASOL L is suitable as anti-corrosion and antifreeze
additive according to VDI guideline 2035.
Upon request we will provide you with any desired
dilution in the packaging units as mentioned at page 3.
All manufactured ®PEKASOL L dilutions from
pro KÜHLSOLE are exclusively manufactured with
demineralised water to guarantee an optimal water
quality. Prior to the first filling, all plant parts must
be duly cleaned. We recommend a 5 % pro KÜHLSOLE
PEX 130 solution. In facilities which use steel, flushing
is essential to remove the rust film. Any brine system
must be provided with an appropriate filter. A mesh
size of 50-80 μm is recommended.
In case of a changeover from another product to
®PEKASOL L adequate flushing is necessary. You may

contact us by telephone at +49 24 21 / 5 91 96-0 or
refer to our website for
detailed information. ®PEKASOL L can be mixed with
most of the common anti-freezing agents on basis
of propylene glycol. Do not hesitate to contact us, if
Material compatibility
A new generation of anti-corrosive additives allows the
use of any materials commonly used in plant engineering. Please refer to the down right table for the wear
data of individual metals.
Sealing materials usually used in heating systems and
facilities will be not affected. Please check the glycol
resistance when selecting seals (e.g. in pumps).
Polyurethane elastomeres, soft PVC and phenol-formaldehyde resin are not resistant.
The suitability of the sealing materials and synthetic
parts needs to be verified with the manufacturer. In particular, the thermal application limits must be observed.
®PEKASOL L is approved and suitable for the use in
press fitting systems from Geberit-Mapress and Viega.

Pekasol 2000

Glykosol N

Pekasolar 50 - 100


 Inhibitors and Auxiliary materials

KOROSIN N - inhibitor concentrate for GLYKOSOL N and water systems
KOROSIN L - inhibitor concentrate for ®PEKASOL L
KOROSIN 2000 - inhibitor concentrate for ®PEKASOL 2000-solutions
PALGAN PHB 20 - bactericide for algae and slime combating in glycol and water systems
ANTISCHAUM special anti foam for glycol and water systems Яндекс.Метрика Goon Каталог сайтов Рейтинг Досок Объявлений Каталог создание сайтов, разработка сайтов Каталог сайтов Всего.RU Интернет магазины Санкт-Петербурга, предприятия. Каталог сайтов AddsSites. Бесплатная регистрация без требования установки обратных ссылок.
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